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It’s Simple. It Matters.

You are a busy person. Whether you are a counselor, classroom teacher, or administrator, you know that school is hard work. So you know your character education curriculum needs to be simple.

But even more than that - you know that this matters. You care about kids; about who they are now and who they are becoming.

And you know that how you approach character education in your school has the power to shape those kids.

  We can help you.

With a simple curriculum.

That works.


So what does that future look like? If you list every quality, trait, and skill that kids need to ensure for themselves a better future, you’d have a really long list! But over time, if you looked carefully at that list, grouped those qualities into a few buckets, chances are you would come up with something close to this list of three basic goals. One would involve qualities needed to build and maintain relationships, one would likely involve decision making or problem solving qualities, and one would involve skill development, perseverance and goal setting qualities. We group those into the Big 3:

How do we teach these Big 3 ideas?

The common language of a monthly value word and its life application (or definition). Read more about our values here:

Use Core in your elementary school!

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