A School Experience That Matters

Together experiences = Powerful experiences

We know it’s true, which is why we give you three ways to share a fun, relatable experience with your whole school. After all, if you all share a memorable experience together, you can:

laugh together
learn together
discuss together
remember together
create change together

Whether produced live by your school or community members on an annual or monthly basis or shown in classrooms via video, knowing that everyone in your building has seen the same skits, watched the same videos, heard the same songs, or played the same games is a very powerful tool in communicating about the Big Idea value word each month.

All In Anti-Bullying Assembly Package

Your school will need to be ALL IN to combat bullying and encourage everyone in your school to treat others right, make smart decisions, and maximize their potential. This package (available via download or shipped to you on a USB drive) has everything you need to produce your own assembly right in your school. The assembly can be hosted by teachers or school personnel or by community members and is sure to get students and staff talking about how they can be ALL IN for your school.

Big Idea Experience Monthly Production Package

Whether you use school personnel or community members, gathering your school and putting on a LIVE monthly assembly will make a huge impact. These Monthly Production Packages are filled with a script, production notes, video segments, songs, cartoons, and computer graphics needed to host an assembly focusing on the Big Idea value word.

FREE Monthly Assembly Video Show

For a no cost way to get your whole school on the same page, check out our monthly Big Idea Experience Show. These are short (about 15-20 minutes), fun, informative shows that highlight the Big Idea value word through short sketches and videos each month. You can use these in classrooms or send home the link each month to families in your school.