Canopy - It's Simple! It Matters for Communities!

At Core Essential Values, we are committed to character education in public schools.  It’s what we do.  By “adopting” a public school in your community, you will have the opportunity to foster this character building in the schools that you care about.

Because your kids go there.

Because your grandkids go there.

Because those kids will work for you and with you someday soon.

When kids are nurtured with good character, then they are better equipped to handle the challenges of school and life.  Much like feeding a plant while it grows, we believe that by embracing character education in our schools, we set our kids up to thrive.

Core Essential Values also provides an innovative approach where character education reaches beyond the classroom with our program, Canopy.

Like the canopy of the mature trees in the forest protect and shade the smaller trees growing below, Core Essential Value’s Canopy program connects businesses and community organizations with schools in a mutually beneficial relationship. Canopy provides a strategy and resources to be used by businesses and community organizations that seek to promote a school’s growth in character education and values.

You could be that canopy.

Canopy - Character Development Program for Entire Communities

Give a Gift to Your Local School

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For the past 15 years, Core Essential Values and Chick-fil-A® have impacted hundreds of thousands of elementary age children in different communities by helping their schools create a culture of values through use of the elementary Core curriculum and the support of rewarding kids who show values.

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