Every kid. Every teacher. Every family. District wide.

Core Essentials helps develop values in kids in schools. It’s even more powerful when implemented with every kid. In every school.

Core Essential Values is a proven curriculum for preschool through high school. It’s the perfect choice for districts with:

*shrinking character education budgets
    Core Essentials is a budget-friendly choice at all levels, but districts who purchase for 3 or more schools get even deeper discounts.

*very little instructional time allotted for character education or social-emotional learning
    All three levels of curricula are designed to be used with very little time, preparation, or cost.

*high rates of mobility among students throughout the district
    If your student transfer from school to school, the common language of monthly values can be a consistent touch     point for behavior and socialization.

*a desire for proven, tested results from their character education program
    We align our curricula with many common standards. Check them all out here.

How you’ll save:

If you order before May 1st, you can combine our district pricing discount AND our early bird discount to save almost 30%!

Core Curriculum (Elementary) and Re:Connect (Middle and High School):
3 -10 schools:      $180/school for web based       $200/school for USB drive
11+ schools:        $160/school for web based       $180/school for USB drive

Seedlings (Preschool):
2-10 schools:      $140/school
11+ schools:        $130/school

Seedlings (PreK):
2+ schools:        $65/school


How it works:

If you are interested in signing up for district pricing, give Elizabeth a call (866-535-5063). You’ll get account logins for each school and we can work with invoices, purchase orders, checks, or credit cards. If you are interested in training for your district, click here.