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Because it really matters.

Teaching kids to treat others right, make smart decisions, and maximize their potential matters. It matters a lot, so it can’t be confined to one lesson or one activity. Because it matters, it should become a way of life. Our curricula are full of ways to incorporate the monthly value word throughout the day. But beyond the curriculum, we offer other ways to show kids that your school believes these concepts have the power to change them—from inside out.

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USB Drive

Slow internet connection? No time to download videos to show your students? We’ve got you covered. Our curriculum is available on a USB drive shipped straight to you!

All 10 months of curriculum
All videos
All printable resources
Available for Elementary or Middle and High School


If you want kids to remember what you’re teaching each month, they’ve got to see it everywhere! Use these 18x24 posters in classrooms, entryways, hallways, cafeterias—anywhere kids and parents will notice them. Choose from:

Core Elementary monthly value posters (set of 10 months)
Re:Connect Middle & High School monthly value posters (set of 10 months)
Collage posters including all words for the whole year (singles or sets of 10)
Big 3 posters with one of the Big 3 on each (set of 3 posters)
Big 3 collage posters including all 3 big ideas (singles or sets of 10)

Book Bundle

Enhance your elementary students’ understanding of what the value looks like lived out in the world around them with this bundle of books. You will receive 10 books, each appropriate for K-5th grade students in either read-alouds or independent reading times. Also included is a PDF of discussion questions and extension activities for each book.


Whether produced live by your school or community members on an annual or monthly basis or shown in classrooms via video, knowing that everyone in your building has seen the same skits, watched the same videos, heard the same songs, or played the same games is a very powerful tool in communicating about the Big Idea value word each month.


Make the value word stick in kids’ minds with monthly songs and music videos. These mp3 downloads, CDs, and downloadable music videos are available to purchase individually each month or for the whole year.



Keep the values and animals in front of kids all year long with these colorful bookmarks. Designed with a collage of the monthly animals on one side and a list of the values on the reverse. Sold in packs of 100.

Big 3 Products

When it comes to reminding kids of the Big 3, we’ve got you covered! Our selection of products to reward or encourage the Big 3 includes:

Posters displaying each of the Big 3 (set of 3)
Posters displaying all 3 of the Big 3 (singles or sets of 10)
Pencils (packs of 100)
Stickers (rolls of 100)


Encouragement Cards

Use these folded note cards to send to kids, staff members, parents, or community members. Set of 20 cards includes 5 each of four designs:

I Have Noticed…
I Hope You Know…
I Remember When…
I’m Really Glad…
I’ve Been Thinking…

Customized Training

Although our curriculum is easy to implement completely on its own, we do offer a limited amount of custom training sessions each school year for schools, communities, or districts who are interested. For more information, contact us or click HERE to find out what’s included.