Seedlings - It's Simple! It Matters for Preschoolers!

Hey, Pre-K Teachers.

Yeah, all of you. Do you know how awesome you are?

You are more than goldfish crackers and finger paint. You believe it’s important for kids to play, to make friends, to learn how to interact with others around them. You teach lessons in 3 seconds flat because wait, there’s a thunderstorm that just popped up and now you have to give out hugs. Plus, you’re going to seize this great opportunity to talk about weather and how the flowers outside are excited to have such a great drink of water from the sky. You’re fab and you don’t even miss a beat.

You. Are. Awesome.

That’s why we make Seedlings. It’s just as great as you are. We point all lessons back to these three ideas:

Be a Good Friend

Do the Right Thing

Always Try Your Best

Each month, we focus on one value word and a simple bottom line easy for preschoolers to remember and understand.


Use Seedlings in your PreK

Seedlings Pre-K:
one full year of downloadable materials for 4 and 5 year olds:


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