Character Education Strategy for Schools!


based on a monthly value

that teaches



how to


Seedlings - Character Education Curriculum for Preschool


Just like a seedling bursting with life, the world of a preschooler is a constant picture of growth and wonder! With discovery at the forefront, our curriculum provides you (teachers and families) with the tools needed to fill such moments of discovery with important truths and values.

At Core Essential Values, we believe that the use of a common language of monthly values and their life applications (or bottom lines) within a preschool has the power to change behavior, enhance relationships, and foster academic growth…even with 4-year-olds!

Core - Character Education Curriculum for Elementary


Core, our kindergarten through 5th grade curriculum, is based on a monthly value word and definition and involves everyone in the school in a small way. Core will equip students, staff, and families alike to SAY IT, KNOW IT, SEE IT and BE IT each month.

Every month, you have access to web-based resources (including videos, lesson plans, announcements, book lists, and much more!) that can be shared throughout the school and at home to families so that everyone is on the same page.

ReCo - Character Education Curriculum for Students


Student-driven and designed to be “in reply to” how students see the monthly values played out in their school—that’s our middle and high school program.

Guided by one or two adults (faculty, staff, volunteer), an “influence” group of students can lead the effort to infuse values into their own culture. Re:co groups are structured to meet once a month during lunch, club time, advisory period, whatever timing works in the school.

We supply the resources needed to get started as well as ideas for each month. The ideas are a great groundwork, but your students’ ideas are what we’re after. Students own the ideas—so they own the responsibility of shifting the culture.

Canopy - Character Development Program for Entire Communities


Like the canopy of the mature trees in the forest protect and shade the smaller trees growing below, Core Essential Value’s Canopy initiative connects businesses and community organizations with schools in a mutually beneficial relationship. Canopy provides a strategy and resources to be used by businesses and community organizations that seek to promote a school’s growth in character education and values.

Customized Training

Although our curriculum is easy to implement completely on its own, we do offer a limited amount of custom training sessions each school year for schools, communities, or districts who are interested. For more information, contact us or click HERE to find out what’s included.


Using community members or your own staff, we’ll give you everything you need for a monthly assembly experience that will get kids moving, keep them talking, and start conversations each month in our school. Options include a one-time anti-bullying assembly, a monthly assembly based on the Big Idea value word, or a link to an online show to share with classes or families. Whatever you choose, these high-energy experiences are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.



You know that teaching kids, staff and parents to

treat others right
make smart decisions
maximize their potential

is important. It might even be the most important thing you do. Telling stories of how you’ve seen growth and change in your students has power, so keep telling them. In fact, tell us! In addition tho your stories, you might find yourself in need of research, data, or evidence for the methods of Core Essential Values in your school. We’ve compiled for you how our curricula match with standards and developmental assets, as well as various assessment tools you can use for pre- and post-testing.