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Chick-Fil-A® Partners

We love our Chick-Fil-A®  Partners! 

We all want a better future for kids. A future where kids...and schools, families and communities

Treat Others Right

Make Smart Decisions

Maximize Their Potential

Those "BIG 3" ideas are strengthened by emphasizing a value each month in our school curriculum assets and in resources we send your store each month. 

Show your local school that you want to reinforce those positive behaviors by providing Digital Value-Able Cards, which allow teachers to reward students with a free Chick-Fil-A® nuggets Kid's Meal (4-count) who are "caught" demonstrating the value of the month. 

As a local Chick-fil-A®, we encourage you to partner with a school in prioritizing values. 



Participating Chick-fil-A®'s provide "Value-Able" DOCs for a school that uses our character education curriculumThe DOCs are purchased on The Studio, with customized name, quantity, and expiration date. 



• The school (or the Chick-fil-A®*) purchases the curriculum for use in the school. One annual subscription is a flat fee of $225 for any number of students. We, at Core Essentials, work with the school in supporting the use of the curriculum throughout the school year. 

• Once your school is on board, use The Studio to order all Digital "Value-Able" cards needed. (The Studio > Customize a template > Keyword Search: Card). Include your Restaurant name for each participating elementary school. You can order 1-2 cards per student for the entire school year. Please note: Your Restaurant will incur the cost to print, ship, and redeem the Digital Value-Able Cards. 

Provide the Digital Value-Able Cards to participating elementary schools to be used throughout the school year to reward students. This creates a unique opportunity for you to meet monthly/quarterly/annually with your schools to deliver cards and create Emotional Connections! 

• Educate Team Members on your involvement with local schools so they can build Emotional Connections with students (and their parents!) who redeem the DOCs. Have Team Members congratulate students and celebrate them each month! 



An elementary school may come to you to ask if you'd partner with them with the Core Essential Values program, OR you can introduce the school to Core Essentials (with the help of the CEV team).

Share this PPT (and script for you!) with the school.

Engage the CEV Team (Elizabeth is here to help!) We can contact the school for you and introduce our curriculum, letting them know your intention to support them with value-able DOC cards. 


* Some Chick-fil-A®'s purchase the $225 curriculum for the school as well (totally optional). Purchase and payment is made through Core Essential Values. School Spirit Night proceeds can be used to reimburse the local Chick-fil-A® for the curriculum purchase.