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  •  Refer to the 2017 Chick-fil-A® School Programs Guide for partnership details.
  •  Set up a time to meet with someone on the school staff. Introduce yourself. Your contact may vary from school to school. Start by reaching out to the guidance counselor   or principal. If they aren’t available, ask for direction on who would be the best person for you to meet.
  •  Let the school know that you:
    o Believe in character education
    o Understand that budgets are tight and time is limited
    o Support the administration and teachers
    o Will show that support in your organization
  •  Explain that you would like to introduce them to a character education strategy and program that is available online or through a USB Drive, really easy to implement, and affordable. …and you’d like to help support that program in their school!

CLICK HERE FOR Presentation Kit for introducing Core Essential Values to schools
This Kit contains:
• Chick-fil-A® Bottom Line (information for you as a school partner)
• Overview PDF of Core Essential Values (printable)
• PowerPoint Presentation (including video and sample of curriculum)
• PPT Presentation Script (editable)
• Core (elementary) Resources List (printable)

•  Tell the school you’ll follow up in a couple of weeks to see what questions they have and if they’d like to proceed with the Core Essential Values and Chick-fil-A® partnership.  Please use the Core Essential Values support team to pass along to the school or answer questions for the school and follow up! Email or call: Elizabeth Higgins (DIRECT LINE: 770-540-6970);

  •  PROVIDE THE SCHOOL WITH YOUR 5-DIGIT STORE NUMBER. When a school purchases our curriculum through, they will identify your Restaurant as their local Chick-fil-A® community partner by adding in your five-digit Restaurant number during the check out process. Your Restaurant is sent a confirmation email of their order and Value-Able cards may be ordered by you off of Brand Builder at that time.

  •  Schools may purchase the Core Elementary Curriculum for $225 for one FULL YEAR of resources and customer service. Chick-fil-A® Restaurants may fund the program for a school. Refer to the 2017 Chick-fil-A® School Programs Guide for details. If your Chick-fil-A® Restaurant wants to be invoiced directly for the cost of the curriculum, the school will choose the INVOICE payment option and write in CFA Funded in the customer comments. If the code is not entered, the school will be invoiced.


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